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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pantoum on Nature's Patience

Surviving all to seize the hour: 
A firm reward: a solitary flower.With pinch of time to propagate –Of seed and chance, it must await.A firm reward: a solitary flower, But motionless, the dainty tower.Of seed and chance, it must awaitAnd not by dreams or wishing fate.But motionless, the dainty tower –Completion lies in gusty power, And not by dreams or wishing fate.Unmindful patience; uncertain date: Completion lies in gusty powerTo cast its genes by seed in shower.Unmindful patience; uncertain dateTo dance in wind, from taut and straight.The bantam form remains sedate.With pinch of time to propagate: An airy blow it must devour, Surviving all to seize the hour.


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