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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Short Articles: Religion, Science & Islamic Perspective ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Observation of Nature & Quran The knowledge of divine law relating to the external universe is derived from a close observation of nature, scientific experiments and discoveries, but not in the case of laws relating to human life and the regulation of its conduct which are communicated only through Revelation to the Messengers and conveyed by them as Messenger of God to mankind. It is this wherein Islam as a din also distinguishes itself from the Material concept of life which takes no cognizance of the Divine Guidance by means of revelation. God did not merely create the universe, but has also laid down definite laws comprising it. The Law of Cause and Effect, and the Law of Uniformity in Nature, among others, being of basic importance, deal with the external nature of the universe. He has, besides, prescribed definite laws regulating human life and its activities. That is why the Quran speaks of those who study nature and try to discover the laws that govern it as men of knowledge and insight; because, says the Quran: The signs of His power and wisdom are spread out in the heavens and on earth, but only people who have conviction in the truthfulness of His Laws can perceive them - Quran chapter 45 verse 3- In seeking knowledge, the believers are spurred on by their belief. His signs are not only in the outer universe but also in your own creation as well as that of other living beings who are istributed everywhere. But these signs are only for those who believe in the truthfulness of His Laws - Quran chapter 45 verse 4-. They know that; And in the rotation of night and day; in rain that comes down from the clouds and gives new life to dead land; and winds that change irection as per fixed timings. In all these there are signs showing truthfulness of the Divine Laws; but only for those who use their intellect and reason - Quran chapter 45 verse 5- In this way faith in God does not follow from purely logical arguments; it springs from the direct experience of order, harmony,and beauty in nature. Along with that the Messenger has told: The Almighty , Whose Laws successfully function in outer universe, has also revealed for human society the Divine Code which is based on absolute truth.If they do not have Eiman in the Divine Laws revealed to you, even after pondering over His signs which are distributed throughout the universe, then O Messenger, ask them what other lore will they believe in -Quran chapter 45 verse 6-


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